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    We Rock City is set to Rock!

    I am very pleased to announce that the petition of changing Sibleyport towns name has been successful and we are now proud townsfolk of We Rock City,...

We Rock City

I am very pleased to announce that the petition of changing Sibleyport towns name has been successful and we are now proud townsfolk of We Rock City, which you will be able to show at our famous September Rock Festival!

Times, dates, and details have yet to be finalised but I can tell you that we’ve got a VERY high profile country music superstar interested in performing. I can’t name names right now but I can tell you that he’s a regular on the TV and has played concerts to over 60,000 people in 24 different countries around the world.

I know you want to hear more but you’ll just have to wait :-)

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For many years our lovely town of Sibleyport has been in a decline. Our shops and business districts closing down, our streets are in dismay, and our children are leaving for bigger cities. We are also facing a declining birthrate caused by financial troubles due to high number of unemployment.

Today we are happy to announce that during our last council meeting we have approved additional funding for festivals and events, as well as tourism businesses and organizations interested in undertaking tourism-related initiatives.

As the result of the huge interest of our youngest voters we have also created a petition to change our towns name into We Rock City. During our discussion with several private companies we were able to agree to a plan of hiring additional 500 workers by the end of November.

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Welcome to official website of Sibleyport town.

We’ve decided to launch this blog as a way of connecting our beautiful town with the world. No longer do you have to be lucky enough to stumble upon our sleepy hamlet by taking the wrong turn and winding your way through Foresters Rd. You can now find out all about our beautiful city through the world wide web!

Many thanks must go the creative team behind this website (because our great Lord knows that I can’t put something like this together!)

Jenny Smalls, Wendy White, and Martha Cunningham of our IT department have done a beautiful job with the design, layout, and structure of the site. So first of all, thank you ladies!

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We Rock City is a small town in Nebraska, which was previously known as Sibleyport. The once sleepy town is gradually being transformed to live by its new name. New businesses and attractions are built and developed to make it lively. There also are several outdoor sports activities that you may try and experience if you live or are planning to stay in the city and here are some of them.


If hunting is your game, We Rock City is sure to rock your world. Whether you’re using a crossbow or a rifle, you’ll have fun shooting on your target. Getting a permit to hunt in Nebraska is easy so you should not have any problems with that. During the hunting season, you have the chance to take down deer, turkeys or both. Check out this website and read about the best crossbow reviews here.


There are several golf courses to choose from in the city and neighboring towns. Bring along your family and friends and enjoy hitting your goals. Whether you’re an amateur, an enthusiast or a professional, there’s something that would satisfy your needs.

 Hiking and Camping

Get closer to nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Visit one of the several parks where you can admire the green trees and plants, as well as encounter wildlife. Follow trails and be amazed with the beauty of the surroundings.  If you want to stay for the night, you may camp in the area and continue hiking on the next day. Aside from hiking and camping, there are also other outdoor activities that you can try while on these parks such as picnic, horseback riding, swimming and tennis.


Getting a permit to fish is worth it since there are several waterways where you can catch fish with friends and family. If you’re fishing with youngsters, those who are 16 years old and below don’t need to get a permit. You may get a permit from bait shops and convenience stores.


This is another sport that you can do in the city as there are rivers nearby where you could row in your little boat. Make it as a bonding time with the whole family. Everyone would enjoy, including the little ones. Wear your safety gears to ensure that everyone is safe. You may also try this with friends and maybe have a friendly competition by canoe racing.

These are just some of the exciting outdoor sport activities that you can enjoy as a resident of We Rock  City.

We’ve already spoken about the difficulties that any resident of Sibleyport has finding work in this small town. Unfortunately the financial crisis has hit hard and good work is hard to come by.

Of course opening a business is a great idea, however it’s not easy to open a business catering to people in a town that is economically depressed because so many people have so little money to spend.

So if you’re a resident of Sibleyport have you considered working from home? Have you considered that creating your own home business is a way to lead your community by example? If not then let’s consider a few possibilities for you.

How to earn some extra money from your spare room

Many older people have a little, or a lot, of spare room in their home. After all the kids have left home and a bedroom is free. So why not consider renting the bedroom to boarders? It’s a great way to earn a little extra money from home without getting a job.

Does this sound a little confronting? Would it be a little awkward having someone else living in your home all the time? If so then why not consider an alternative, a good way to earn some extra money from home by using that spare bedroom, but without the necessity of taking in a full-time boarder?

If your home is a little different and you have something a little different to offer visitors there is no reason why you can’t make some spare money at home by using that spare room as accommodation for foreign visitors. In other words people who come to our town from overseas.

Of course finding foreign visitors isn’t easy, but there’s a good way. It’s a website called Airbnb where you can list your home as being available for booking by any foreign visitors who are coming to our town and who are looking for a home to stay in for a few days.

And if your home is a little different or has something special to offer then there’s no reason why you can’t use Airbnb to earn some extra money working from home.

And there’s other ways to work from home

But of course that’s only one way to earn a little extra cash from your home. There are in fact a whole host of ways to work from home earning either a part time or full time income. It takes some dedication, commitment and work but working from home creating your own business is in fact a perfectly legitimate way of supporting yourself in hard times like Sibleyport is facing right now.

And of course if you are able to create a home business then even if the economy picks up you will still have a genuine and worthwhile business, from home, that you can carry on operating in the good times as well as the bad.

In hard times brave people need to lead, and lead by example. If residents of Sibleyport act courageously to establish new and different ways of creating income from home, and share their experiences with other residents of the town, then we will all collectively benefit. It will introduce new opportunities which will be examples to others and it will increase the economic activity in the town which will support other businesses in Sibleyport.

Grasp the nettle now. Take action to establish your own home business, working from home, and be a proud and worthwhile member of our community leading by example.

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We Rock City is not yet an official name. It is currently being petitioned to become the new name of Sibleyport town in the state of Nebraska, USA. Sibleyport is a small town, with a population of only 5,117 based on data as of 2010. It was formed by merging two villages in the neighboring hills. Exact dates as to when these villages were founded is yet to be discovered, but some assert that it was at around 1770. The merging came about in 1852 and was called Sibleyport. Today, the town depends on the manufacturing industry as a source of income, but there is an increasing number of tourists that can also give opportunity for people to earn a living. It is also great to consider some home business opportunities for those who prefer to stay home and earn a living. Check out by clicking here on how to make money online today.

Tourism Business

Since a growing a number of tourists now visit “We Rock City”, there is a big chance for the tourism industry to thrive. You can start from having a home-based business venture to try out. Since the industry is broad, you can choose which aspect you want to focus on. You can try the transportation services sector. You can loan cars to be rented on by tourists, or choose buses to be used by visitors to take them from one place to another. You can also focus on providing accommodations for them, such as bed and breakfast or rental houses. If you are low on capital, you can form a guided tour business. You can provide informational and entertaining tours for them. Alternatively, if you love food preparation, why not think of a local delicacy you can offer them, or some crafts they can buy and bring home as souvenir.

Event Organizing Service

Event organizing or planning does not require an office at once. It can be started at home with small events. You can limit the events into celebrations such as birthday parties or reunions, before venturing out into more complicated ones like educational and promotional projects. At the start, you will focus more on coordinating the event. For parties, you will communicate with the caterer, the venue, and so on. You can obtain a training or even a certificate from a local university in events planning or management to gain the required skills in this business.

Goods Repair

Consumers these days are more practical, and the people of the little town of Sibleyport are no exemption. This opens a good opportunity for those looking for business to start from home. You can set up a repair or maintenance business for personal and household goods. The garage or basement is a good set-up for this venture. You may hire workers to do the work, and put up a capital for machines. Most of the people in the town can simply go to your place if they want their goods repaired, so they can reuse them instead of throwing them.

Visit this website and find out the top 2013 and 2014 Australian work from home ideas, homebusinesshub.net.au.

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Staying on top of your own well-being can be tricky. So, it is understandable if you get utterly confused when it comes to your pet’s health. Good thing, there are things you can do about your feline or canine buddies the right way. Here are some important ones you need to keep in mind:

  • Regular vet visits are essential. If you find pet care confusing, talk to the experts to shed light. Your pets have potential risks for diseases humans are vulnerable to, like arthritis, toothache, and heart ailments. To avoid being caught unaware, you must bring your pet to a vet at least once or twice a year for routine health check-ups.
  • Keep your pet vaccinated. Along with regular vet visits, medications and vaccinations may be prescribed to reduce your pet’s risks for common illnesses.
  • Let your pet thrive in an enriched environment. Pets need attention. Keep your animal companion active and happy by tending to its needs. Playtime is not only important for your pet’s muscle toning but also for strengthening the bond between the two of you.
  • Give your pets pet-specific products. Your pets have special requirements when it comes to food, skin care, and medications. It will help prolong and improve the quality of life of your pet if you use products that are safe. Beware, especially of passing on human medications to your adorable darlings. It has been found that certain medications for humans can be toxins for pets, even causing sudden death.
  • Get pet insurance. Essential coverage is vital in securing your pet’s health. There are various insurance companies that offer pet insurance so you can give your beloved feline or canine companions the best possible care it deserves. Here are some pet insurance reviews to read, click here and know more.

Pets function more than just a companion. They can protect you from harm. They are loyal and fun to be with. Their love is unconditional. It is but right that you give them back the love and care they truly deserve. Being a responsible pet owner starts as you make the decision to get one. Be sure that you are ready to take on the obligation before you bring home a cutie buddy.

Unfortunately, since the financial crisis, employment and business have suffered and our town is no exception. Unemployment is high and youth unemployment is even higher and a number of local small businesses have close their doors and ceased operation. This has obvious implications not just for the people involved in the business and for their employees but also for the town in general, reducing the amount of money in circulation and affecting the economy of the town.

And so we are pleased to report that a new small businesses has now opened up. This is a small business offering guided tours to small parties of would-be hunters.

Of course with so much native forest near our town there is a large population of deer, and hunting is becoming extremely popular. There’s a number of accomplished hunters who live in our town and who have been pursuing this interest for many years.

And of course being relatively close to a couple of major cities we have many people visiting from the cities.

So 2 of these accomplished hunters have decided to get together and open a new business offering hunting expeditions to city dwellers.

There are a number of objects to this business. Obviously the first of these is for the owners of the business to commence and operate a successful income earning business offering guided hunting tours to groups of people who wish to learn this sport.

However both of these 2 locals have wider aspirations, including offering benefits to the local town.

The intention is that when people visit our town from the city to undertake guided hunting tours they will spend money in the town. For instance they will need accommodation. They will need food. They will fill up the car.

And of course all of these things will benefit other businesses in the town, and this is an extremely good thing.

So we wish these 2 local men good luck with their to their clients new business offering guided hunting tours. In a recent discussion they have indicated that they should be teaching a range of hunting skills including shooting, use of various tools such as how to use a hunting knife to skin a deer, and various camping skills such as putting up a tent and lighting a campfire.

They are confident in the success of their business. They have a reasonably worthwhile marketing budget and plan to market their business in both of the local cities, particularly through some local sports clubs.

And after some discussions with people in these local sports clubs they are relatively confident that there will be worthwhile numbers of people in the city who will be happy to book a guided hunting tour and learn the skills of deer hunting.

We welcome new small businesses such as this to our town. Any small business office advantages to our town including increasing the amount of money circulating in the economy and, hopefully, employment of some local people in the future.

And of course everyone just likes to see new economic activity in the town regardless of what type of business it is that is opening up.

We will keep an eye on the progress of this new business offering hunting tours. It will be very interesting to follow their success, and hopefully it will be an inspiration to others to follow their lead and open up their own small business that the benefit of themselves as well as our own small town.

As I’m sure most people know the economic situation in the US isn’t getting any better. Whilst our politicians tell us it’s getting better the reality for most people is that times are tough.

Unemployment is high, underemployment is rampant and many people are having a hard time making ends meet. We personally know a number of people in our town who have been searching for work for a long time.

So if that’s you what options do you have? Why not consider working from home? You can start here http://www.aussieinvestigator.com/

In today’s digital world working from home is a very real possibility. If you have skills which can be transferred over the Internet then there is absolutely no reason why you can’t become involved in a number of different online opportunities to earn some income from home.

And whilst you certainly won’t get rich working on the Internet, or at least you won’t unless you’re very lucky, you can make some extra income working at home.

Right now, today, there are tens of thousands of people making money from home as freelance writers. A freelance writer is someone who undertakes paid writing jobs on behalf of other people.

Let’s say, for example, someone has a website and they would like to outsource the creation of a lot of the content. They go to a website like elance, post a job there for writers, and then writers bid to take on the work.

Freelance writers are working from home right now

Currently there are hundreds of websites where freelance writers can find work to do. And it’s perfectly possible, in fact essential, that you be able to work from home. Find out more about freelance writing here.

It’s not necessary that you’re a professional writer. You don’t need to have 2 or 3 books behind you to undertake work as a freelance writer. Provided that you are a native English speaker, and reasonably competent to research the Internet and write about what your research shows you then you can probably make some extra money online working as a freelance writer.

As we said, however, you’re not likely to get rich. The amounts of money paid to freelance writers are, in most cases, relatively small. However it’s perfectly possible to earn $200 or $300 a week if you work hard, after you’ve had some experience.

Thousands of people are doing it right now.

So if you’re struggling to find work in our small town, and you really need some extra income, then why not investigate working from home on the Internet. It’s not easy but there are certainly many opportunities out there. All you need is a computer and a good Internet connection and a little drive and you’ll be able to learn some much needed extra money from home.

Go on. If you’re unemployed now what have you got to lose? Fire up your computer, hit the connect button and get online, get on to Google, start searching and educate yourself about ways to become a freelance writer. There’s plenty of websites, like those above, that can tell you all about what you need to learn to be successful.