We Rock City is set to Rock!

We Rock City

I am very pleased to announce that the petition of changing Sibleyport towns name has been successful and we are now proud townsfolk of We Rock City, which you will be able to show at our famous September Rock Festival!

Times, dates, and details have yet to be finalised but I can tell you that we’ve got a VERY high profile country music superstar interested in performing. I can’t name names right now but I can tell you that he’s a regular on the TV and has played concerts to over 60,000 people in 24 different countries around the world.

I know you want to hear more but you’ll just have to wait :-)

I am also thrilled to announce that we have received funding for renewing Louey street thanks to its historical importance on which work will begin in middle of august this year.

It’s been in decline and both the footpaths and the actual roadway itself are in desperate need of repair. The works are still out to tender but they’re expected to take between 3 – 4 months. Although there will be some slight interruptions to traffic flow due to these upgrades, all measures will be put in place to make sure that they’re as minimal as possible.

This will be done by scheduling the majority of major works over night and limiting work during peak times to essential work only.

As I am certain everyone is aware our summer festival was a huge success this year and we had visitors from all over Nebraska. I am well aware of all the hard work everyone has put into promoting our little town and would like to say that I appreciate the invaluable contribution of our planning organizations and sponsors. Thank you for making a difference in lives of our citizens.

As a part of our campaign for lowering unemployment this Tuesday June 16, 2014 we will host a We Rock City Business Breakfast at the town hall.

We Rock City Business Breakfast will provide a unique opportunity for We Rock City’s small business community to be informed on the importance of strengthening their ideas, crafting an efficient and effective management team, and crafting clear and persuasive business plans. We will also have representatives from the US Small Business Administration giving a talk on how to access small business funding to help grow local business.

This event creates opportunities for business professionals to come together and forge beneficial relationships and build strategies to become more competitive and successful.

Last year, we had over 300 happy participants in our little community hall and even a few late-comers who were left standing on the balcony because all the seats were taken!

All the funds raised from this event will go to the local employment services office and I know that Joy is excited about the programs and events they’ll be able to put on thanks to this infusion of funds.

She’s asked me to pass on a message to everyone thinking about turning up saying that she’d love to see you there and every dollar you can spare will help someone less fortunate than you get a job.

I extend best wishes to everyone attending for a memorable and remarkable breakfast.


Roland Leigh, Mayor of We Rock City

One Comment on “We Rock City is set to Rock!

  1. Business Breakfast was a pretty amazing idea. I’ve learned a lot and met a lot of people with great experience. We could do something like this every year.

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