Sibleyport Gets a Music School


Welcome to official website of Sibleyport town.

We’ve decided to launch this blog as a way of connecting our beautiful town with the world. No longer do you have to be lucky enough to stumble upon our sleepy hamlet by taking the wrong turn and winding your way through Foresters Rd. You can now find out all about our beautiful city through the world wide web!

Many thanks must go the creative team behind this website (because our great Lord knows that I can’t put something like this together!)

Jenny Smalls, Wendy White, and Martha Cunningham of our IT department have done a beautiful job with the design, layout, and structure of the site. So first of all, thank you ladies!

We will be marking this day by gathering in the historical town hall and ceremonially awarding public recognition of Sibleyport town. Tonight we crown our day by commemoration in honor of Mary Magdalene at the Stone Gate, our loving protector.

Today we also proudly and with utmost gratitude, thank all the past generations who have created a town of beauty, culture, tolerance, solidarity and human warmth – a city on a human scale, the city in which it is pleasant to live.

After all, without your sacrifices and commitments, we wouldn’t be here to enjoy this beautiful land.  We would still be stuck in the cities, closed in amongst the concrete towers and glass covered sky scrapers without being able to see the trees, forests, or being able to be part of the beautiful natural world that we’re so blessed to live in.


This year we have many things to thank for as we have continued and started the realization of numerous projects to improve the lives of all generations and diverse human needs.

We have received a large grants from various government organisation designed to help regenerate struggling towns and cities through the state. These are being put to use in different projects throughout our town. They’ll mostly be dedicated towards constructing, upgrading, rehabilitating and repairs, which have will improve the work conditions of our residents and make significant improvements to their quality of life.

Despite the crisis and hardships we have faced over the last few years, we have also used these funds to complete the Billy Sawyer Music School project, which has been modeled off the famous Tech Modern Music School in London that has been lying dormant for the last 2 years. Final touches are being put on the dormitories and the last coats of paint are being splashed across the walls. Everything is on track to have the school open for the first semester this fall.

Enrolments have started with a Bang with over 80 applications being received in the first week and we hope to have a full school by the time to doors open. It’s fair to say that there’s a lot of enthusiasm around the school building and everyone can’t wait to start this going!

As a Mayor of Sibleyport I would like to thank everyone who has been working hard to improve our town and quality of our lives.
You are our heroes.


Roland Leigh, Mayor of Sibleyport

One Comment on “Sibleyport Gets a Music School

  1. It is amazing that our town has a website now. Feels great knowing we can get all information from the comfort of our homes.

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