Time to Boost our Tourist Industry


For many years our lovely town of Sibleyport has been in a decline. Our shops and business districts closing down, our streets are in dismay, and our children are leaving for bigger cities. We are also facing a declining birthrate caused by financial troubles due to high number of unemployment.

Today we are happy to announce that during our last council meeting we have approved additional funding for festivals and events, as well as tourism businesses and organizations interested in undertaking tourism-related initiatives.

As the result of the huge interest of our youngest voters we have also created a petition to change our towns name into We Rock City. During our discussion with several private companies we were able to agree to a plan of hiring additional 500 workers by the end of November.

Whilst we know this alone isn’t going to save our city, it’s a start. And every great adventure starts with one step.

We, the council and other committed residents of our great town, want you to know that we’re going to bring our town back to its former glory. We’re not going to run away from the challenges. We’re not going to step aside and let problems simmer under the surface, untouched and unacknowledged, until they eat our town alive.

We’re going to stand together as a united force and build this town back into the kind of place that we all want to live it.

Our goal is to be ranked in the top 100 best small towns in America in 3 years. Where are we now? 496th… Yes, it’s sad considering how popular and exciting our town once was but there’s no point in skirting the facts. If we’re ever going to change where we are, we need to first acknowledge where that it.

Whilst we know this is an ambitious goal to tackle, all great adventures start with big dreams.

We’ve started the preliminary discussions about ways we can tackle this problem and take on this challenge. There have been MANY different suggestions and given the size and importance of this issue, we’re considering all of them right now.

One of my favourite suggestions is to persuade someone from Hollywood to come down and shoot a movie in our small town. After all, it worked for Norway, why can’t it work for us?

A giant rock festival planned for September seems like the most popular event on the list but there are sure to be others. The annual Jazz festival has a bigger and better lineup than we’ve ever seen and the annual hot-rod show is set to be a cracker this year. All these events will attract large numbers of visitors to the area along with their visitor dollars.

The importance of this boost to the local economy cannot be understated.

We’re also in the process of restructuring our zoning laws to allow more manufacturing plants to move to the area. Adding another 300 – 500 jobs to┬áthe local community will help keep our kids here and even the future generations beyond that.


Starting July 8th we will also be renewing running track around the Gung lake as a last step of our Sport and Recreation Project which means everything will be well prepared by our summer festival.

If you have more suggestions that you think would help our town, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Yours Sincerely
Roland Leigh, Mayor of Sibleyport

One Comment on “Time to Boost our Tourist Industry

  1. Yeah! We Rock City will be the best!! Very happy to hear about the track renewal as well, after a rainy day the whole place is always full of mud.

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